Internships in the City of Bridgeport

Office of the Mayor and CAO: Politics, Communication, Economics, English, Management

  1. Assistance with various city projects
  2. Assisting the Press Secretary with setting up events for the Mayor, informing the public of various projects going on in the City, assistance with press releases and statements from the City, etc.
  3. Assistance with responding to citizen phone calls, e-mails, or letters from the public
  4. Public Service Announcements
  5. Staffing the Mayor at various events
  6. Assist with getting the public involved in community events and city projects
  7. Work with the Mayor's press secretary to create a campaign to encourage city residents to utilize social media to communicate with City government.

Very strong oral and written communication skills, ability to multi-task and meet various deadlines, strong interpersonal skills, detail oriented, bilingual would be a plus. 5-10 hours per week.

Elaine Ficarra

Office of Planning and Economic Development: Economics, Politics Engineering, Studio Art/Graphic Design/Film, Architecture, Urban Planning, Geography/Geographic Information Systems, Construction Management, Computer Science, Business, Urban Studies, Sociology, Criminal Justice

  • Work with the director of neighborhood revitalization to develop a procedural manual that will be used to translate neighborhood plans into action items and prioritize project implementation and funding.
  • Work with the director of land use and construction review to identify best practices in implementing e-government solutions to the permitting process in the zoning and buildings departments and determine a strategy for implementing appropriate aspects of those best practices into Bridgeport's policy.
  • Work with the director of land use and construction review and the planning director to identify best practices in zoning and design guidelines to make the city's commercial corridors more pedestrian and transit friendly.
  • Work with the director of neighborhood development and the planning director to assess opportunities for additional bike routes and enhanced pedestrian spaces in the downtown and neighborhood centers by assessing existing utilization of public rights of way and identifying locations where national 'complete streets' best practices can be implemented.
  • Work with the director of neighborhood development and the director of the office to develop a triple bottom line assessment strategy for planning and economic development policies.
  1. Assisting with neighborhood design interventions; aiding and assisting storefront facade staff in target areas with the processing of merchant applications and inquiries, collecting site data and pictures
  2. Assisting staff with architectural design, negotiation, construction management
  3. Creating program-wide data and mapping architectures; entering and mapping neighborhood commercial, architectural, crime and program data
  4. Editing, designing and/or authoring video or PowerPoint presentations and program materials
  5. Assisting small businesses with aid programs including the SBA and micro lenders; drafting legal and programmatic documents
  6. Processing varied neighborhood requests for services; neighborhood business association development and outreach

Good written communications skills, analytical, detail oriented. Experience in graphic design and/or video editing software, computer programming, JavaScript or GIS, fluency in Spanish and/or Vietnamese is a plus depending on project. 5-10 hours per week.

David Kooris

City Attorney's Office: Pre-law, Business Law, Politics, Applied Ethics

  1. Research for various legal opinions
  2. Assistance with various city projects
  3. Assist Paralegals, Legal Secretaries and Attorneys in the city attorney's office
  4. Observe and assist attorneys at hearings, meetings, boards & commissions

Very strong oral and written communication skills, research, detail oriented. 5-10 hours per week.

Mark Anastasi

Human Resources: Communication, Management, English (especially Professional Writing)

  1. Building an internal employee training program.
  2. Rewriting job descriptions and job titles.
  3. Development of Employee Recognition Program
  4. Development/Updating of Employee Performance Reviews
  5. Assistance with Union Contract Negotiations
  6. Employee Wellness Programs - physical and fiscal

Excellent written skills. Organized and detail oriented. Works well independently and at times in a team environment. Strong interpersonal skills - must be able to work with all types of employees (race, sex, nationality, entry level, supervisory, department head, blue collar, white collar, etc). 5-10 hours per week.

Jodie Paul-Arndt

Film Project: Visual and Performing Arts/New Media, Communication English (especially Journalism)

  1. "Bridgeport Know-How" a series of 1-5 minute video clips that would show residents a snap shot of city projects and provide information on how to use it.

(5-10 hours per week)

    1. instructional videos on how to use city services
    2. video of green infrastructures, e.g. new park improvements, etc.

Ted Grabarz

Sustainability: Environmental Studies, Biology, Economics, Chemistry

  • Carbon Footprint Forecasting Reduction - Examine existing conditions relative to energy use today and forecast out various reductions based on current rate of reduction as well as other stochastic methods. (5-10 hours per week)
  • Based on List of City Proposed Projects
  • Using GHG Study (RPA 2010)
  • Bridgeport Energy Strategy (RPA 2010)
  • Property Value Changes due to Parks Enhancements (Research Question - How do parks and/or open space lead to changes in property values? Review the primary literature on property value changes due to proximity to park/open space location and forecast changes in property values) (5-10 hours per week)
  • Based on Parks Master Plan
  • Using Water Front Recapture Overlay
  • Climate Mitigation Data for Sea Level Rise
  • City of Bridgeport GIS for Property Values
  • TPL Trust for Public Land data


  1. Green Zones - Economic Incentives (Research Question - Do Green Zones Work? Examine the existing P&Z standards and ordinances in the city, the extant literature and propose economic incentive programs tied to areas such as zoning bonuses, green building standards etc.) (5-10 hours per week)
  • Review of existing enabling ordinances that exist today.
  • Review of existing best practices.
  • Functional versus physical view of green zone concept, i.e. incentive program versus spatial location.
  1. Green Infrastructure - (Research Question - What are the specific water quality enhancements due to green infrastructure as well biological enhancements due to the reduction in anthropogenic impacts of non-point source pollution. (Review the literature such as nitrogen standards and the University of New Hampshire Storm Water Center and make recommendations). (5-10 hours per week)
  • Review green infrastructure plan.
  • Develop different green infrastructure strategies.
  1. Biodiversity in Urbanized Areas - (Development of baseline biological surveys of terrestrial and aquatic and marine organisms). (5-10 hours per week)
  • Yellow Mill
  • Pleasure Beach
  • Pequannock River
  • City Parks
  1. Valuation of Biodiversity in urban areas. (Examine the components of natural capital in the literature as well as recreational capital and propose aggregate indices and values of those systems). (5-10 hours per week)
  2. Energy Analyst - (Analyze the City of Bridgeport's current energy portfolio)
    1. Review traditional utilities, solar energy, anaerobic digester and Eco-Industrial Park projects and categorize existing data on energy consumption, costs and savings.
    2. Assist with implementation of energy projects.

Ted Grabarz

General Government: Accounting, Finance, Information Systems/Operations Management

  1. Project: Centralized purchasing systems (pros/cons), Contract compliance tracking, Review of bid procedures
  2. Project: Centralized revenue collection systems in municipal government - How would that work, pros/cons?
  3. Project: Streamline the tracking of land records and property owner information among various city departments. This project would entail coming up with a consistent and uniform method of tracking city parcels and ownership information so that records in all city departments are the same. The major departments involved are Engineering, Tax Assessor, Tax Collector, Building Department, Zoning, Housing, Environmental Health, Anti-Blight.

Project oriented, detail oriented, multi-tasker. Works well independently. Good oral and written communication skills. Will need to do a great deal of research both in and outside of the City, but will also need to be analytical and think outside the box for solutions. 5-10 hours per week.

Jodie Paul-Arndt

Bridgeport Animal Shelter: Veterinary Science, Biology, Communication, Marketing, English (especially Professional Writing and Journalism)

  1. Assistance with shelter animals. 5-10 hours per week.
    • Basic care of animals (food, water, shelter, exercise)
    • Assist with transporting animals to Veterinarian
    • Observe and possible assist with care of animals while at Veterinarian
    • Assist with Adopt a Pet program
  1. Creating a marketing program for the shelter. 5-10 hours per week.
    1. Public service announcements
    2. Promotional events
    3. Creative ways to get information out to the public

Jimmy Gonzalez

ITS: Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Software Engineering, Information Systems/Operations Management, English (especially Professional Writing, Journalism)

  1. Assistance with project management
  2. Assistance with maintaining and updating the City's data network
  3. Assistance with examining city departments and identifying software and hardware solutions for better functionality and data tracking
  4. Assistance with City's intranet, and information and access for constituents on the City website
  5. Assisting the ITS Support Specialists with the Help Desk, processing requests received troubleshooting and closing out tickets
  6. GIS and mapping, gathering data and assisting with updating the city's GIS layers and creating new layers


Good written communications skills, analytical, detail oriented. 5-10 hours per week.