City of Bridgeport Internship program for Fairfield University Students

In 2013 Fairfield University, in partnership with the City of Bridgeport, set up a new internship program to place students with Bridgeport city government agencies.

Administrators of the program will work with students to place them in city agencies that match their academic majors and interests such as the Mayer's office, the animal shelter, the environmental science office, the city attorney's office, etc. For a full list of opportunities and responsibilities, check out the full list.

Students receive academic credit for the internship. If interested reach out to the contact person for more information. Or if you have more general questions, contact:‌

  • ‌The internship director or chair of your department
  • Erin McDonough, City of Bridgeport, (203) 337-2335;
  • Dr. James Simon, Associate Dean, College of Arts & Sciences, Fairfield University;; (203) 254-4000 ext. 2792

‌If you want to suggest an internship for a position not on this list, we encourage you to pursue it anyway. Take a look at the city's website.