Television Broadcast Uplink Truck

mc_satellite_truckFairfield University's television production satellite uplink truck is BIG! 32 feet in length.

The truck, constructed by Wolf Coach, is a state-of-the-art mobile television production and news gathering facility that is parked outside the Media Center at Xavier Hall and connected to the Center's Studio B with its four digital cameras.

On the roof of the truck is a 1.8 meter AVL satellite dish capable of transmitting and receiving digitally encoded television signals to geostationary domestic satellites, orbiting the earth at 22,000 miles over the equator. The Media Center is licensed for the antenna and transmission equipment with the Federal Communications Commission.

Features on our Television Production and Satellite Uplink Truck include: Hitachi 3020P HD cameras in full studio configuration. Grass Valley/Thompson Kaayak DD Multi-definition Switcher. Mackie Digital Audio Console. Chyron Graphics. Final Cut Studio 2 non-linear Edit System. On-Board 13.5 KW Power Generator. Digital Video Recorders. Teleprompter.

Watch the video below for an inside tour. 

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