The Media Center operates and programs a Campus Television network offering over 110 cable channels as well as eight private University network where students air their own programs on Stag TV and where professors air assignments like movies and special projects.

The "headend" is the hub for our closed circuit television system and the place where all the media playback equipment like DVD and VHS players reside. It is also where all the routing equipment is for the television network. We play movies and programs on the playback equipment and then distribute that programming over our eight private channels to nearly 1200 sites on campus (mostly to residence rooms).

Two channels on CTN are dedicated to programming downlinked off satellite: Channel 102 where you can watch French TV (TV5) and Channel 103 where you can watch foreign news programs from over 35 countries.


Signal Distribution/Head End Operations

  • Sigma Routing System
  • 4 KU/C Satellite Downlink Antennas
  • 110 Channel Campus-wide Cable System
  • 16 University Programmed TV Cable Channels
  • Campus-wide Single Mode Fiber Network
  • InfoNet University Information Channel
  • INET Fiber Connection/County Institutional Network
  • CableCaster Videoserver - Archive/Player