mc_entranceClassroom Support: The AMES staff aids students with all of our design programs, both class assignments and personal projects. Students can find help from early morning hours until midnight.

Special Event Support: Fairfield University is host to a variety of different special events on campus. AMES provides technical support for many of these special events, like a visit from former General Electric CEO, Jack Welch, new student orientation and Stagstock.

Maintenance and Repair: The repertoire of AMES equipment is kept at peak performance.

Design and Installation: The AMES staff oversees the design and installation of all the high-tech classrooms on campus.

Cable Television Support: All dorm rooms, townhouses and apartments are provided with cable TV access provided by Cablevision. The AMES staff provides cable support, repairing damaged cable jacks and troubleshooting problems.

Equipment Rental and Loan: The AMES office provides rental and loan of equipment for both classroom and personal use. The AMES staff delivers equipment for classroom use mornings, afternoons and evenings.