Media Support Group

Academic Media Equipment Services (AMES) designs and supports classroom media technology for the entire campus. Access our online media equipment reservation form for University classroom use.

mc_equipment_reserve_icon‌It provides assistance with delivery, setup and support of media equipment to classrooms as well as provides loans of media equipment and laptop computers to students, faculty and staff. Presentation support is also handled by AMES who will provide data and video projection as well as sound/speaker support during an event. AMES also handles any problems with reception of the University's closed circuit television system - Campus Television Network (CTN).

Satellite downlinking is another function of the Media Support Group. Ongoing downlinks include CNN news feeds from various sources, SCOLA (foreign language news broadcasts) and TV5 (French language programming).

Media Support Group

Kirk Anderson
Media Services Manager
Media Ctr
Xavier Hall Rm G-5, ext. 3082

Leslie Brazier
Operations Assistant
Media Ctr
Xavier Hall Rm G-14A, ext. 2697

James DeStefano
Media Services Specialist
Media Ctr
Xavier Hall Rm G-7, ext. 2259

Frederick Hull
Media Technician
Media Ctr
Xavier Hall Rm G-7, ext. 2594