Production Facilities

The Media Center is a 15,000 square foot facility on the ground floor of Xavier Hall, consisting of:

Production Studio A

  • Three Panasonic P2 AG-HPX300P Cameras each with 7 inch Ikan Monitors each on Vinten Tripods
  • Full lighting grid with over 30 lights  including mostly ARRI 650watts and 1Ks, several 1K soft boxes and two 1K open faces
  • Panasonic Multi Format Switcher AV-HS450
  • Apple G5 tower for playback with a Blackmagic Decklink Extreme 3D graphics card
  • Apple G5 tower for recording with a Blackmagic Decklink Extreme 3D graphics card
  • Two Teleprompters
  • Graphics computer
  • Wave form monitor
  • Vectorscope monitor
  • Clearcom unit to talk to floor manager, director and camera operators
  • Apple G5 tower for audio with a 16 channel mixer

Studio A Control Room

With stations for 8 personnel, the control room for has been recently equipped with a the Panasonic Multi Format Switcher AV-HS450, a new Macke 16 channel mixing board, and an array of monitors for teleprompter, graphics and switching.

Production Studio B

  • 30' X 45' Soundstage
  • Mole Richardson Lighting with ETC Dimming System
  • 3 Hitachi SK3020P High Definition Cameras/Full Studio Configuration
  • Grass Valley/Thompson Kayak DD Multi-Definition Video Switcher
  • Mackie 24 Channel Digital Audio Console
  • Grass Valley/Thompson 322M IDVR
  • Chyron Lex with Lyric Character Generator
  • Panasonic AJ-D650 DVCPro25 VCRs
  • FCP Digital Recording/Editing System
  • ClearCom Intercom/IFB System
  • Genter Phone Interface
  • EZPrompt Teleprompter
  • Miranda Multi-Image Video Display System
  • KU Digital Uplink w/Tandberg QPSK Encoder
  • 1.8 Meter AVL Dish
  • 13.5 KW Kohler Generator

Studio B Control Room - Satellite Uplink Broadcast Truck

  • 1.8 meter AVL Satellite dish
  • 4 Sony digital video cameras in full studio configuration
  • Grass Valley Multi-Standard Video Switcher
  • Mackie Digital Audio Console
  • Compix Graphics Generator
  • Final Cut Pro Studio 2 Edit System
  • On-Board 3.5 KW Power Generator
  • Digital Video Recorders
  • Teleprompter

Audio Recording and Editing Suite

This suite contains a shieled vocal sound booth with a complete set of microphones for ADR (automatic dialog replacement) work, Foley sound effect creation, and voiceover recording. It also includes keyboards and other instruments for music scoring and recording on an advanced Pro Tools hardware and software platform.

Video Coloring Suite

For use with projects requiring the DaVinci Resolve digital coloring program.

TriCaster 855

  • Volumes of customizable signature looks make each program distinct
  • Impressive effects with real-time cloth dynamics, warping video, overlays and sound
  • Higher-capacity media storage accommodates a high volume of project work
  • The flexibility to go from show, to show, to show, adding new camera angles along the way—up to eight, for the most sophisticated programs
  • Built-in live streaming at the push of a button
  • Access all sources and functions with an included hardware control surface
  • Stream, broadcast, project and record—all at the same time—so you can meet viewers wherever they watch, now or later