Q. How can I get an escort?

A. Escorts are available 24 hrs a day by contacting the Department of Public Safety at (203) 254-4090 or ext. 4090. An officer will ride or walk you to your desired destination.

Q. How do I report an incident?

A. Incidents can be reported by contacting the Department of Public Safety at (203) 254-4090 or ext. 4090, or by stopping by the office located on the ground floor of Loyola, Room 2. A Confidential Report Form is also available on the DPS website.

Q. Where is Lost and Found?

A. There are three Lost and Found locations on campus: the Recreational Complex, the Barone Campus Center Mailroom and the Department of Public Safety Office. Items found are kept for 12 months until donated or discarded.

Q. What should I do if I lose my room key or stag card?

A. Lost room keys should be reported to a Housing/Resident Life member as soon as possible. Report a lost or stolen Stag Card immediately to safeguard your accounts and access privileges. During business hours, report the loss to the Stag Card Office located in the Kelley Center. After regular business hours, report the loss to the Department of Public Safety or go to www.stagcardonline.com. There is a $25 replacement fee for lost or stolen cards.

Q. What is a Sexual Assault Hotline?

A. The Sexual Assault hotline is ext. 4045. Counselors and Officers trained in Sexual Assault Response are on call and available 24 hrs a day.

Q. How do I get a Safe Ride to the Health Center?

A. For a ride to the Health Center, day or night, call ext. 2241

Q. Can I get a ride to class if I am on crutches?

A. Public Safety can provide a ride to and from classes. Call the Health Center at ext. 2241 to arrange.

Q. What do I do if I see something suspicious?

A. Report all suspicious activities and crimes to Public Safety at (203) 254-4090 or ext. 4090. Call Public Safety:

  • If you witness a tense situation that's about to blow up
  • If you hear any unusual noises, such as screams or breaking glass
  • If you see a severely disgruntled or non-cooperative person
  • When things just don't seem right

Please be as detailed as possible when providing a physical description of a suspect or perpetrator.

  • Physical descriptions should include: height, weight, build, facial hair, complexion, jewelry and tattoos
  • Vehicle descriptions should include: make, model, color and approximate year of manufacture, marker plate, state of origin, and any notable damage

Q. What do I do about roommate conflicts?

A. Roommate conflicts should be brought to the attention of your Resident Advisor as soon as possible

Q. How do I participate in the Ride-Along Program?

A. Students wishing to participate in a Ride-Along Program can do so by scheduling an appointment with the Director of Public Safety, Todd Pelazza, by calling (203) 254-4090 or ext. 4090, or fill out the Student Ride Along Program form.

Q. How can I obtain a copy of the Jeanne Clery Report?

A. The Jeanne Clery Report is available for anyone who requests one by contacting the office at (203) 254-4090, or stopping by the office located on the ground floor of Loyola Hall, Room 2.

Q. How can I view the Daily Campus Crime Log?

A. The Daily Campus Crime Log can be viewed at the Fairfield University Department of Public Safety between the hours of 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday. The office is located on the ground floor of Loyola Hall, Room 2.

Q. Are there any student employment opportunities?

A. Student employment opportunities are available periodically throughout the school year. Contact Assistant Director John Ritchie for current openings at (203) 254-4090 or ext. 4090.

Q. Are there any full-time employment opportunities?

A. Public Safety accepts applications for full-time employment throughout the year. Anyone interested can submit a resume with cover letter and three references to Fairfield University, Public Safety, 1073 North Benson Road, Fairfield, CT. 06824. Strong consideration is given to individuals certified as Emergency Medical Technicians with a college degree and police or military background.

Q. Am I permitted to have a vehicle on campus?

A. Freshman and sophomores are not permitted to have vehicles on campus (including weekends). All other student, faculty and staff vehicles must be registered through the parking office located on the ground floor of Loyola Hall, Room 2. Tel. (203) 254-4000, ext. 2745.

Q. What do I do if my car was towed?

A. Owners of cars towed from campus must contact the towing company Advanced Auto Works located at 49 Halley Court in Fairfield. Tel. (203) 384-2886. Hours: Monday through Friday 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. and Saturdays from 9:00 a.m. till noon. To retrieve a car, fees are $74.50 with a University ID and $99.50 without ID. Additional fees for storage and after hours pickup may apply. Advance Auto Works accepts credit cards and cash; no checks.

Q. What do I do if my car was "booted" (immobilized with a wheel-lock device)?

A. If your car has a "boot" (wheel-lock) attached, you likely have unpaid parking tickets or are a chronic parking offender. To remove the device, report to the Department of Public Safety located on the ground floor of Loyola Hall, Room 2., or call (203) 254-4090 or ext. 4090. Attempting to remove the device on your own will result in damage to your vehicle.

Q. How does my visitor obtain a guest pass for their vehicle?

A. Visitor parking is located in lots C2, C3 and K1 (see Parking Map). Parking in all other locations requires a temporary parking pass which can be obtained in the Parking Office during regular hours or in the Department of Public Safety, any time day or night. Both offices are located on the ground floor of Loyola Hall, Rm 2.

Q. How do I update my emergency contact information?

A. Emergency Contact Information can be inserted or updated by accessing the link on the home page of your Stag Web account.

Q. What do I do if my car battery is dead?

A. The Department of Public Safety has jump boxes available to sign out with a Fairfield University ID.

Q. How do I obtain a copy of a motor vehicle accident report?

A. Bring your University ID to the Department of Public Safety, reports are ready in 3 days. To check the status of a report, please call ext. 4090.

Q. Are classes delayed or cancelled?

A. Delays and cancellations are announced on the Fairfield University website www.fairfield.edu, the campus center information line at ext. 4222 as well as local radio stations 88.5 FM, 99.9 FM, 107.9 FM or 600 AM.