Emergency Plan

The Department of Public Safety Officers are highly trained first responders and are prepared to take action to any emergency situation that may arise on campus. A Crisis Management Team as well as an Incident Management Team are in place to allow immediate response by individuals performing specific roles and functions already predefined.

An Emergency Management Plan has been developed by the Department of Public Safety as part of our ongoing effort to protect Fairfield University students, faculty, and staff. Faculty and staff have participated in an informational program where emergency guides were reviewed and distributed for initial actions and response options in the event of an emergency.

The development of this plan is based on a realistic assessment of potential incidents that could affect our community and the capabilities to react to those situations. It is a comprehensive approach utilizing the Incident Command and National Incident Management System and may effectively be applied to any critical incident.

Fairfield University's Emergency Notification System (StagAlert) permits the simultaneous distribution of broadcast e-mails, text messages, and voice calls (including voice mails for calls unanswered). The system is used to distribute emergency notifications only in situations where a clear and active (e.g. in progress) threat or emergency exists that impacts the community and where it is recommended that the recipients take some form of action in response to the active threat or emergency.

Prevention, mitigation, planning, preparation, response, and recovery are all part of the elements of our Emergency Plan, which is reviewed and updated on a continuous basis.

In the event of an incident, the University works very closely with local, state, and federal law enforcement officials to resolve any situation on campus and strives to restore normal operations.

Emergency Guidelines

Initial Actions

  • Call DPS ext. 4090 or 911
  • Provide your name, nature and location of incident and a call back phone number where you can be reached
  • Take action to protect yourself or other individuals in need of assistance and directing responders to the scene
  • Await instructions from DPS, police or University officials

Types of Incidents

  • Hostage Situation: Avoid quick moves, do nothing to provoke your captor and stay calm
  • Fire/Explosion: Pull the alarm, evacuate the building and get low to the ground in the event of heavy smoke conditions
  • Hazardous Material Release/Gas Leak: Avoid contact, do not use cell phone or other electrical devices and be prepared to evacuate the building
  • Bomb Threat: Keep caller on the phone as long as possible and document everything the caller states, ask questions regarding the location of device and be alert to any background noise present
  • Violent Intruder: Lockdown if possible, disregard knocks on the door, but be prepared to confront the intruder if necessary
  • Weather Emergencies: Depending on the severity of the storm, close all doors and be prepared to move into the interior corridors away from outside walls and windows

Response Options

  • Seek Shelter: Use a piece of furniture as a shield, move away from windows and doors, stay low and remain quiet
  • Lockdown: lock doors and windows, turn off lights, draw blinds and move into isolated section to minimize your exposure
  • Evacuation: Evacuate in an orderly, calm fashion, close doors behind you and do not turn off lights or equipment
  • Police or DPS will notify you of the evacuation and/or relocation site

For Incident Instructions and Updates

  • Stag Alert Emergency Notification System
  • Website www.fairfield.edu
  • University e-mail

Emergency Shuttle Bus Locations

  • Dolan Commons
  • Alumni Hall
  • Quick Center for the Arts

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