Special Medical Housing and Parking Information

In accordance with the American Disabilities Act, Fairfield University will provide reasonable accommodations for a student eligible to reside in University housing who has a qualifying physical of mental impairment that substantially limits one or more major life activities and has a record of such an impairment or is regarded as having such an impairment. To be substantially limited requires a showing that, in comparison with the average person, the impairment significantly restricts the condition, duration, or manner under which a student can perform a major life activity.

Medically/Psychologically Based Housing and Parking Requests:

In order to be considered for a special housing accommodation or special parking permit, a student must complete the Special Accommodation Request Form. The Special Accommodations Evaluation Committee thoroughly evaluates the request. The Committee is composed of professionals from Disability Support Services, the Health Center, Counseling & Psychological Services, Parking Office, and Residence Life. Information submitted for the committee's determination will be protected as a confidential file.

If you have a qualifying physical or psychological need which may influence your housing assignment or parking on campus, please have your medical provider complete the Medical and Psychological Documentation for Special Request Form‌. Send the form and all other pertinent health information to:

Attn: Special Accommodations Evaluation Committee
Dolan Hall
Fairfield University
1073 N. Benson Road
Fairfield, CT 06824
Fax: (203) 254-5545


In order to fully evaluate any requests, the Special Accommodations Evaluation Committee will need documentation of the condition or disability. Documentation should be current and comprehensive in light of the request and consist of an evaluation by an appropriate physician/mental health care provider that describes the current functional impact of the condition or disability as it relates to the housing modification or accommodation requested. The physician/mental health care provider should not be an immediate family member. Documentation provided will be used by the Committee to evaluate the request and determine appropriate assignments and modifications.

Fairfield University reserves the right to request additional documentation if the information submitted appears to be outdated, inadequate in scope or content, does not address the student's current level of functioning, or substantiate their need for modifications or accommodations.

Receiving accommodations or special assistance at the high school level or at another college or university does not necessarily qualify an individual for the same accommodation and/or assistance at Fairfield University.

*Students with medical conditions such as asthma and allergies that do not rise to the level of a disability, but that may require special assistance (housing, dining, etc.) must follow the procedures for making a Medically/Psychologically based request.

Students will be notified in writing of the Committee's decision.

Disability Support Services is located in the Aloysius P. Kelley, S.J. Center. You may contact Disability Support Services at (203) 254-4000 ext. 2615. The fax number is (203) 254-5545.