Psychological Counseling

Fairfield University Counseling & Psychological Services offers confidential, individual psychotherapy, group therapy, substance abuse treatment, psychiatric evaluation, and referral to local mental health providers. The members of the professional staff are licensed psychotherapists who provide confidential, short-term psychotherapy to undergraduate students. The psychotherapists are trained in many modalities of therapy including: Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Solution-focused Therapy, Brief Interpersonal Therapy, Strength-based Therapy, and Insight-oriented Therapy.

Who Uses Counseling?

During the academic year 2014, 15% of students at Fairfield University utilized services at Counseling & Psychological Services. In most cases students make an appointment because they would like help in dealing with stressors, difficult feelings, or problems in their lives. At times, family members or friends, professors, or other Fairfield University staff suggests that students come to counseling. Students from freshman, sophomore, junior, and senior classes are equally represented as clients.

Typical Concerns

Students come to Counseling & Psychological Services for many reasons such as:

  • Issues with friends, roommates, or family
  • Feelings of loneliness, anxiety, or depression
  • Problems with substance abuse
  • Stress and test anxiety
  • Problems with anger management
  • Sexual assault
  • Eating disorders
  • Loss or death of a loved one


Counseling & Psychological Services is located in the Dolan Building in Suite 120, around the corner from the Health Center on the north end of campus.


Counseling sessions are free of charge. Appointments with consulting psychiatrists, Dr. Charles Morgan or Dr. Neil Dolan, are fee for service and the insurance provider will be billed.

Individual Therapy

Students can make an appointment by calling or stopping in our private offices. The first appointment includes a computer intake and a meeting with a psychotherapist who asks the client questions about the problem they are experiencing and takes a thorough history. The psychotherapist and the student discuss strategies and set goals to help the student, which may include meeting with the psychotherapist for several weeks. Sessions last for 45 minutes.

Individual therapy can help students:

  • Manage difficult situations
  • Get an objective point of view
  • Enhance self esteem
  • Acquire new insights and self confidence
  • Balance the demands of school/ person/work
  • Evaluate substance use

Psychiatric Services

Dr. Charles Morgan is the consulting psychiatrist at Counseling & Psychological Services. He is available to meet with students one afternoon a week. Dr. Neil Dolan meets with students an additional afternoon a week. Students are referred by the clinical staff at Counseling & Psychological Services for a psychiatric evaluation when needed.

Dr. Morgan and Dr. Dolan charge a fee for service when students meet with them. They accept coverage from many insurance companies. The psychotherapist will give further details to the student when making an appointment for a psychiatric evaluation.

Group Therapy

Freshman Transition Workshops

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