Sexual Harassment

Fairfield University is committed to providing an environment free from sexual harassment. If you have a concern about your interactions with a member of the University community, call Terry Quell, Title IX Sexual Harassment Coordinator at (203) 254-4000, ext. 2704 for more information and assistance about filing a complaint.

Definition of Sexual Harassment
According to guidelines issued by the U.S. Department of Education Office of Civil Rights and the Equal Employment Commission, the following behavior constitutes sexual harassment:


  • Submission to sexual advances is a condition of your employment or education;
  • Acceptance or rejection of these advances or comments affects your job status, your grades, or your professional advancement; or
  • Unwelcome sexual advances or comments interfere with your work or study.

Levels of Sexual Harassment


  • Gender Harassment: Generalized sexist remarks and behavior which convey insulting, degrading, or sexist attitudes.
  • Seductive Behavior: Unwanted, inappropriate, and offensive physical or verbal sexual advances.
  • Sexual Bribery: Solicitation of sexual activity or other sex-linked behavior by promise of reward.
  • Sexual Coercion: Coercion of sexual activity or other sex-linked behavior by threat of punishment.
  • Sexual Assault: Assault or rape.

For more information or to make a complaint of sexual harrassment:
Contact Terry Quell, Title IX Coordinator, at (203) 254-4000, ext. 2146

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