Top Ten Ways to Successfully Adjust to College Life

  • Get involved. Involvement with others and campus activities are healthy pursuits. Involvement can breed positive thoughts and feelings and is related to good self-esteem and academic success.
  • Stay positive. Work toward maintaining an optimistic attitude and interacting with others in productive ways. Be accepting and tolerant of yourself and others.
  • Go to class. Attendance in class ought to be one of your top priorities. Your academic success and successful stress management is dependent upon good attendance.
  • Party smart. If you enjoy partying, do it in ways that don't result in harm to yourself or others, and doesn't result in poor academic performance. Do everything in moderation.
  • Stay on campus when you can. The college years are a time to develop independence and autonomy. This occurs when you become your own person and develop new relationships in your new community.
  • Eat and sleep well. We function at our best when our bodies are appropriately nurtured.
  • Practice good stress management. While some stress is inevitable, there are things we can do to prevent or reduce stress. Seek out and learn these methods.
  • Communicate productively. Be assertive with others so that your own needs are met, but do this in ways that respect others and their differences.
  • Maintain healthy relationships. Work to avoid "toxic" relationships, but also do a lot of give and take with your friends. Put effort into resolving conflicts in ways that honor yourself and others. Stay in touch with those who support you.
  • Stay focused. Academic life requires students to focus and concentrate.  Work to avoid or reduce things that interfere with your concentration.

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