fc_binge_drink11The Choices Program is facilitated by Pam Paulmann, M.P.H., Program Coordinator of Fairfield Corps.

BASICS program is a one-on-one program run by Lisa Arnold, LADC, LMFT

The Red Watch Band program is a bystander intervention program.

Curriculum Infusion

With a grant from the Connecticut Healthy Campus Initiative, Fairfield Corps will work to create a normative environment using curriculum infusion. As prevention needs to happen every day, integrating alcohol prevention messaging in student's coursework will help to foster a social, academic, and residential environment that supports health-promoting norms. In addition to increasing faculty-student engagement, it also focuses on the interpersonal and the group processes using peer to peer communication and learning to change student norms and perceptions.

Community Enforcement

Fairfield University aims to increase student safety as well as strengthen enforcement of University policies and local, state, and federal laws. Two programs are being offered in conjunction with local and state resources: Town compliance checks and TIPS training for local establishments. Furthermore, this program involves increasing education and awareness of alcohol policies and focusing enforcement efforts on high risk drinking areas. The goal of this program is to reduce binge drinking and the consequences associated with high risk behavior.

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