Program Components

Academic Year Component (October-May)

The Academic Year Component emphasizes academic achievement and goal setting. It includes:

  • Academic Instruction/tutoring and enrichment classes at Fairfield University tow to three Saturdays per month (October-May).
  • Regular visits with Upward Bound staff members at the student's target high school.
  • College tours and related extra-curricular activities.

Summer Program
The six-week Summer Program is an integral part of the Upward Bound experience. During the summer, students commute for three weeks (transportation provided). For the remaining three weeks, students reside on the Fairfield University campus. During the six-week program of study, students continue to develop their academic, personal, and leadership skills. Students attend classes, tour college campuses, and engage in a variety of field trips and activities.

Who Qualifies?
Bridgeport students who are enrolled in one of the three following high schools may be selected to participate in Fairfield University Upward Bound:

  • Bassick High School
  • Central High School
  • Harding High School

The applicants must be in 9th or 10th grade and potential first-generation college graduates. The selection is based on information obtained from a competed application including a copy of the parent's/guardian's most recent income tax return, school records, guidance counselors, teacher recommendations, and a personal interview with each student and parent.

What is expected of participants?
Students in the Upward Bound Program are expected to maintain a good attendance record, participate in planned activities, maintain a high grade point average in their high schools, and work to the best of their abilities.

What Educational Services are offered?
The Upward Bound Program provides academic instruction in mathematics, laboratory sciences, composition, literature, foreign languages, history, and computers to help students successfully complete their high school classes and prepare for post-secondary education.

  • SAT preparation
  • CAPT preparation
  • Tutoring
  • Cultural enrichment
  • Assistance with financial aid; college entrance applications
  • Study Skills
  • College Tours
  • Academic Counseling
  • Career Counseling

Apply to Upward Bound (PDF)

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