First Year Experience Essentials

What will I need to complete to successfully fulfill the FYE Program?

FYE Objectives

The First Year experience program strives to provide students with:

  • An understanding of the rich history and tradition of the Society of Jesus and Ignatian spirituality
  • The impetus to fully engage in their college community by exploring all the opportunities for learning
  • An exposure to the resources available to them to fully engage in curricular and co-curricular experiences
  • An exploration of practical skills necessary for their successful transition to college
  • A strong foundation upon which to build their academic record and launch their vocational exploration
  • Access to the many events, programs, and services available at Fairfield
  • The skills to serve others in this community and our global world, specifically increasing their civic engagement


FYE Program Requirements

Students are expected to:

  • Attend and participate in all FYE seminar meetings in the fall and spring semesters
  • Complete all readings and seminar assignments
  • Attend Fall Convocation 2014 on September 2nd (Rain date: September 9th) unless there is an academic conflict
  • Complete the “CIRP Freshmen” Survey (contact Institutional Research if student needs their personal link)
  • Complete the AlcoholEdu & Haven Course
  • Complete three (3) reflective assignments
    • Academic Integrity Reflection Letter
    • Mid-Semester Online Reflection
    • End of Semester Online Reflection
  • Complete the Plagiarism Tutorial
  • Attend a minimum of eight (8) FYE campus events throughout the fall semester
    • 2 Connect
    • 3 Inspire
    • 3 Thrive


Attendance is CRITICAL in this experience. It is understood that emergencies, illness, etc., will occur. With that said, more than one absence will typically mean an unsatisfactory grade (i.e., fail the seminar).

FYE is a university requirement that is pass/fail and appears on a student’s transcript, so poor class attendance, missing assignments, and/or inadequate FYE event attendance will result in an unsatisfactory grade.

FYE Events Expectations

FYE Events Tracker System

FYE Events- Students are expected to attend a minimum of eight (8) FYE campus events throughout the fall semester

    • 2 Connect Event
      • Events where students engage with each other at an informal/casual social activity
      • Examples: Athletic events; Residence Hall events not connected to Cornerstone, etc.
    • 3 Inspire Events
      • Events where students are engaged in higher learning and pushing themselves towards the greater good
      • Cornerstone Course enhancement activities
      • One Inspire Event must have a designated service component
    • 3 Thrive Events
      • These are events offered throughout the semester that touch on major themes of the FYE Program
      • Any Thrive Event attended, after the 3 required events, can count towards Inspire Event credit
  • How to Track
  • How to ensure students are marked as attending the event
    • At major FYE events, there will be an FYE card swiper which can be identified by a neon color sign. In addition, an FYE representative will be there located next to the swiper.
    • At smaller events, the event coordinator will pass around an attendance sheet where students write their University ID number and  name. The event coordinator submits  this list to or the Department.
    • Please note that the event attendance is updated on a weekly basis.


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