First Year Experience Program (FYE)

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First-Year Experience Program (FYE)

This upcoming year, first-year students stay with the groups formed at Orientation and participate as a group in the First Year Experience (FYE) program, which commences in the fall. The FYE program provides a foundational understanding of the Fairfield experience and will empower students to take advantage of all Fairfield has to offer. The program consists of a non-credited weekly seminar, mentorship, and attendance at signature campus and FYE events throughout the academic year. FYE explores academic planning, hookup culture, time-management, roommate conflict, homesickness, financial literacy, and more.

FYE Themed Sections
These sections have a common theme and are not tied to a student's living environment (i.e., residence hall)

  • Career: Your career starts now! This group is here to help you realize and set your career goals the minute you walk in the door at Fairfield. The students in this group will begin the career development process from reflecting on their own interests and passions, to exploring potential careers, to gaining exposure to various career related tools and topics (resume, cover letters, networking).
  • Creative: Do you love drawing, music, writing, painting, or photography? This group is a place for students with a passion for creative expression and the avenues it provides for reflection, expression and problem solving. Together these students will find creative ways to take full advantage of your first year at Fairfield.
  • Health & Wellness: Exercise, Sleep, Eat, Repeat. Together this group will talk about physical, spiritual, and emotional outlets for a balanced life. These students support each other in their efforts to maintain a healthy quality of life, which allows them to positively transition into college.
  • JUHAN: Students will engage and learn more about The Jesuit Universities Humanitarian Action Network. Students will explore humanitarian action initiatives and begin to prepare for humanitarian action for career development or preparation to fulfill everyday civic responsibilities.
  • Leadership: Learn. Grow. Lead. As a community of students dedicated to enhancing their leadership skills, this group is formed under the idea that anyone can be a leader. Students in this group will support each other on a path to self-awareness, through self examination of their personal leadership development.
  • Magis: Are you looking to make decisions for "the more universal good"? All Magis Scholars will be in one of our Magis groups and together they will explore what it means to strive for this Jesuit ideal as they transition to the Fairfield community and Magis community. If you are a Magis scholar, please choose this as your first preference.
  • Men: What does it mean to be a man on a college campus? Men in the group will develop a community in which they can openly discuss the experiences of first-year transition through the lens of their gender identity. Some men find that this common experience strengthens their first year experience.
  • Music: "Music can change the world because it can change people."- Bono. Whether you like to listen to or create music, this groups brings students with a passion for it together. These students will explore how to infuse their love for music with their transition to Fairfield, and together find harmony.
  • Open: These groups bring first-year students with a variety of experiences and interests together in order to discuss key topics of first-year transitions. The goal is for these students to develop a community in which they can share their passions, accomplishments and struggles. The open theme allows for conversation to go in many directions.
  • Service Learning: "Be the change you wish to see in the world." – Ghandi. Students will go out into the local community and connect their shared service experience with their transition to Fairfield. This a great entry into the many opportunities Fairfield has for service.
  • Social Justice: "Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere." - Martin Luther King, Jr. Through the lens of social justice and identity development, the students will look at issues both on campus and off campus and your transition between the two. These students work together to understand their impact on the world and the impact the world has on them.
  • Spiritual Exploration: Keep calm and search on. This group is all about asking the "big" questions. Regardless of religious affiliation, students in this group will explore spirituality and the ways they can integrate it into their college experience.
  • Sports: Sports can bring people together, even if one team has to win. Together this group will deepen their understanding of teamwork while bringing out the healthy competitive spirit in its members. These shared interests will help us navigate the college transition.
  • Women: What does it mean to be a woman on a college campus? Women in the group will develop a community in which they can openly discuss the experiences of first-year transition through the lens of their gender identity. Some women find that this common experience strengthens their first year experience.