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The Class of 2017 was asked "What most surprised you about yourself this past semester? (Was there a challenge you did not believe you could overcome? Did you try something new?)"

  • How quickly work can pile up, some weeks it feels as though I have no homework or studying to do and then the next all my classes are giving tests and papers at the same time. I was pretty good at time management before coming to Fairfield U but now I have gotten even better.
  • How I slowly started to find out who I truly am. I felt a lot less up tight like how I used to be. I'm proud to say, I'm maturing into the person I need to be. I feel like its because I feel a lot more independent and have great professors.
  • I think I surprised myself most this semester in that I adjusted so easily. I thought that the work would be overwhelming and I would have trouble managing my time, but it has been completely manageable. It hasn't been easy, but it has been easier than high school.
  • I suppose what surprised me would have to be the classes. I didn't anticipate the length. It's different than a standard, forty minute class in high school. The professors have a different teaching style as well. Namely, lectures. I've never had a lecture before throughout the extent of my educational career. I handwrite all my notes. It's easier for me to memorize it. Basically, I learned how to write in shorthand. I also found out that it's quicker and more efficient to write in cursive rather than print. It was a challenge to get used to my classes, but it's worth it. In this semester, I discovered that I'm a diligent student so long as I put my mind to it.
  • This past semester, I was surprised by the productiveness of my time management. During high school I was constantly doing work due to the high level of my classes, and this greatly prepared me for this fall semester. I was already accustomed to the mindset of getting my work done, but I was surprised by how much this helped me during the first few weeks. At first, I thought it would be hard to get in the school mindset, but it was actually quite easy to be proactive and on-top of my studies.
  • What I was surprised about myself was how much studying really helps and how if I put effort and don't procrastinate how better i do on things and how much my time management has improved.
  • The thing that surprised me most was how easily I transitioned into living alone. I wasn't sure how I was going to handle having to be completely independent and responsible for myself, but I surprising like it a lot. I enjoy having to take care of myself in doing things like my laundry, making my bed, exercising, making sure I eat healthy, and staying on top of my school work. It surprised me how much I enjoy being independent in those areas combined. I like living on my own.
  • I was surprised that I decided to join Lord's Chords since I'm not very religious at all, however, I actually I enjoy the club a lot! I was also happy to see that my writing (for essays) definitely improved in the last 3 months. I was surprised at myself that I have really seemed to make a decision to apply to the business school. I'm glad I have finally decided on something, so we'll see where that will take me.
  • I was surprised that I actually kept my promise to myself about not giving into the peer pressures of college. The transition in terms of education has been especially difficult, but I think next semester will be better, because I have gotten used to that transition and what I have to do to keep up.
  • I'm surprised I can live on my own, away from my family and make friends and create a new little atmosphere and life in a place that isn't the town I grew up in. I am also managing stress very well, which I always struggled with in the past. I've been able to keep up with my work while still doing fun things.
  • Taking Computer Programming was a challenge for me. In the beginning, everything was difficult to understand and it was hard to follow the teacher. I've been trying to use other resources instead though in order to keep up with the work and now I'm probably doing better than the first few weeks in that class.
  • What surprised me most about this past semester is how easily one can adjust to a completely different lifestyle in a few short months. It's quite the thing to ask oneself to obtain, but transitioning here at Fairfield has been a good experience. I think everything that was done prior to the first day really helped prepare me for what the semester entailed. What really surprised me, however, was how each grade really counts to your final grade because they are all major assignments. A few challenges posed there and I had a harder time managing time because we have so much of it.
  • It surprised me that I changed my major because it is the first time that I have actually considered what I want to do, instead of what would bring me success or what friends and family wanted me to study. I didn't think I would be able to handle school, music, and running at the same time, but I did manage to do all of those at the same time.
  • I started to row as a walk on to the team and found a bunch of great team mates. athletics here have been half of my life at Fairfield and i love hanging out with my team mates, we are very tight knit and do almost everything together. It is awesome to have established a group of friends who do the same thing as you and push each other to get better and stronger.
  • I ended up saying hello to a lot of people, which is definitely out of character for me. I am more confident about myself this year, than I was in the previous years. I have also found a lot of things in common with the people I have met this year and my floor is probably the closest with each other in comparison to other floors or buildings.

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