Housing Assignments & Selection

Housing assignments at Fairfield are generally conducted by a lottery and priority system. Seniors are at the top of the priority list, followed by juniors, sophomores, and freshmen. While absolute guarantees can be difficult, it is safe to assume that seniors will get their first choice of housing. Juniors have a good chance as well. Sophomores will have a range of options including applying to at least one of our five residential colleges. View a full description of each residential college. First-year students are randomly assigned to one of our first year communities based on their housing preference form.

First Years

Incoming first-year students are asked to submit basic information about themselves. The housing preference form is sent out to incoming students during the first week of May. First-year students are assigned to rooms based on a variety of factors, including gender, a request for a special theme floor, and the University's mission to create as diverse a living community as possible. For example, students with unique talents (e.g., varsity athletes, scholars, etc.) will not be not housed together in one area. Housing for first-year students is available in certain portions of Jogues Hall. Campion Hall, Gonzaga Hall, and Regis Hall are reserved completely for first-year students. They are housed together in order to promote class unity and identity and facilitate specific programs tailored uniquely for them.


Toward the end of their first year at Fairfield, students who will be sophomores participate in a housing lottery process. At present, students can live in Jogues Hall, Loyola Hall (Ignatian Residential College), Kostka Hall, 42 Bellarmine Road, and 70 McCormick Road.  Students select their roommate or pair of roommates and have the option of selecting rooms on a space-available basis. It may be necessary for some sophomores to be assigned housing over the summer as additional space becomes available from students finalizing study abroad plans and the final size of the freshman class is determined.

Again, sophomores are able to select their roommates and generally progress to residence halls that are either exclusively sophomore or have high concentrations of sophomores living near and with one another.

Juniors and Seniors

Seniors are assigned housing first and are able to participate in lottery processes for residence hall rooms, townhouses, apartments, or a release to off-campus housing. Seniors generally have the option of selecting townhouses, apartments, or off-campus residency. The off-campus lottery is completed first, generally during the spring semester so that students who are not released can make alternate plans. For the townhouse and apartment lotteries, students form groups of an appropriate size and enter the lottery as a group. Those groups can then select which individual unit they choose to live in, in lottery number order.

Juniors participate in the same basic process as the seniors. However, they do so after the seniors, and their options for townhouses and apartments may be limited based upon the selections of the senior class. For example, the University releases approximately 400 students to live off campus. Therefore, if seniors take all of these slots, juniors will not have this option in a given year. Approximately 30% of the junior class lives in one of the two suite-style residence halls - Kostka Hall and Claver Hall.

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