Welcome Night, Course Registration, and Roommate Selection

Now that you have been invited into one of the residential colleges, you have 3 key things to do in in order to be formally accepted. These include attending Welcome Night, registering for your residential college course, and attending roommate selection night. Below are the dates and descriptions of each listed by residential college. Please note that failure to attend these events without prior communication (at least 2 days in advance) to the area coordinator or academic chair of your residential college may result in the loss of your placement in the residential college.

‌Welcome Night
Your residential college experience begins at Welcome Night where you get to meet members of your new community, learn about the goals and hopes we have for you, review the responsibilities required of you in order to live in your college, and formally make a commitment to participate in the key components of your college. You will also learn about the courses being offered through your residential college, you must take one, as well as the registration process for these courses.

ll_student11bCourse Registration
As a way to engage in the goals and questions of their residential college, each student must take a residential college course each semester from the selection offered from their residential college. Each residential college has specially designed courses that address the major questions of their college. Students in each residential college receive early registration for these courses. These courses are usually core courses and are part of a students regular load. They are not an additional or overload course. Each residential college has a faculty chairperson who will assist students who have challenges in finding a course. Please note: You do not need a pin # to register for your residential college course(s).

Read the residential college website for more information regarding registration dates, start times by last name, and what to do if you have a conflict with scheduling.

Residential College Roommate Selection Process

Note: This lottery is only for students who have been accepted into a residential college and is separate from the regular housing lottery. You cannot enter both the residential college and non-residential college lotteries at the same time. The dates that each lottery opens and closes are different. Participation in one lottery excludes you (and your roommates) from participation in another.

  • Only students selected to live in a Residential College can enter the lottery as pairs (two) for a traditional hall or in blocks of four for suite-style housing.
  • Only one person per lottery group needs to submit an application on behalf of the entire group. This person is the Group Originator. Students are strongly encouraged to work with the Group Originator to make sure attention is paid to the survey, that it is filled out correctly, and that all deadlines are met.