Sophomore Residential Colleges

Live in community. Act in the world.

Who am I? 
Whose am I?

For their sophomore year, students have the opportunity to explore fundamental questions of identity, community and purpose through Fairfield’s Sophomore Residential Colleges—Ignatian, Creative Life, or Service For Justice. Each College examines these questions, bringing their own unique lense to the process, and students can choose the experience that resonates with them.

The intentional design of the program integrates residential life with academic exploration and spiritual and self-discovery. Students take common courses based on the focus of their College, and meet monthly for reflection and conversation in small groups with an adult mentor from the community.

Through these opportunities, as well as retreats, communal dinners, lectures and service projects, students develop a strong sense of community and friendship.

Inspired by the Jesuit approach of reflection and action, students acquire the tools they need to become leaders, creators, and change agents. Together, they learn to live more fully and make a difference in the world around them.

Ignatian Residential College:
Who am I called to be?     

The Ignatian Residential College offers students a year of communal and self-reflection, guided by the Jesuit values. While gaining an awareness of their passions and their identity, students practice and enhance leadership skills that call them towards the service of a greater good within society. #IRC

Creative Life Residential College:
How do I live a creative and examined life?

The Creative Life Residential College allows sophomores to examine and express their vocation through a creative lens, learning different definitions of creativity and how it relates to them and their passions. Grounded in Jesuit values, students set goals and explore creative solutions to life’s obstacles and opportunities. #CLRC

Service for Justice Residential College:
How am I called to serve justice?

The Service for Justice Residential College is rooted in social justice, service, and allowing students to explore their various identities. By intentionally examining social justice issues, students are pushed to think about how they are called to use their privileges to help those who are oppressed. #S4J

Applications for the Sophomore Residential Colleges will be available soon!

Deadline to apply is February 16, 2016.

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