Water in the Classroom: Courses

Below is a list of water-focused courses that will be offered during our two-year exploration. Some are available for auditing for students, staff, and the greater Fairfield community. To find out more about auditing a course, visit Part Time Studies.

Fairfield University’s Curricular Sequence for WATER 

The 2014-2015 school year serves as the first of a two-year University campus-wide focus: WATER. The goal of offering a University focus is to highlight and promote interdisciplinary learning via a campus-wide conversation on a specific issue. The focus will offer students from all academic disciplines the opportunity to delve into the theme while pursuing their studies and offer more integrative learning practices.  

Water Focus Curricular Sequence for 2014 - 2015 :

Fall 2014:
3 credit course selected from Water list (plus attendance at 3 Water events)

Spring 2015:
3 credit course selected from Water list (plus attendance at 3 Water events)
3 credit interdisciplinary "Super" course (ID 395) with discipline-based advising on a Water-focused research project. Includes 4 seminar style meetings with a “Faculty Team.” qc_theme_2014water 

Fall 2014: 

"Survey of Chemistry" 
Professor Bethray 
The chemical and physical properties of water are explored throughout the semester and, since the majority of common chemical and biochemical reactions occur in aqueous solution, the water molecule is front and center in the course. Students finish the class with a sound understanding and respect for water’s importance and planet earth.

"Texts and Contexts I" 
Professor Rajan
Freshman Writing Sequence: Water-as-a-scarce-resource and the inherent danger of it becoming a humanitarian crisis is a partial focus of the course.

"Honors Seminar: World's Oceans"
Professo Brousseau
The course focuses on current environmental issues impacting marine ecosystems. Open only to student in the Honor’s Program.

International Studies
"International Operations of Non-Profits" 
Professor Poli
This course will examine international non-profits and case studies containing water-related issues such as drinking water, providing water to border crossers and keeping water clean.

Studio Art:
"Photographic and Digital Techniques in Printmaking" 
Professor Yarrington
Through various printmaking and photographic techniques, all aspects of water will be explored-from the metaphoric to the political. Reviewing the work of contemporary artists whose work has focused on water will be a central component of this course.

"Digital Photography"
Professor Yun Edwards
The course will focus on learning the basic techniques of digital photography while visually exploring the theme of water.

Spring Intersession 2014

Study Abroad in Burren, Ireland
A Beginning Studio Experience on the Western Coast of Ireland
With Professor Jo Yarrington

All students take SA 12 - Foundation Drawing at the Water’s Edge, which will satisfy Fairfield’s practicum core requirement for the Visual and Performing Arts, the minor in Irish Studies, and the Water Focus curricular sequence.

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