Past Exhibitions

Fall: The Rise of a Landmark: Lewis Hine and the Empire State Building
Winter: Colleen Browning: Brush with Magic
Spring: Po Kim: Spirit of Change

Fall: Marlene Siff: Elements of Peace
Winter: Sylvia Wald: Seven Decades
Spring: SoloCollective - Jr/Sr Exhibition
Summer: History of Woman

Fall: Beyond the Rolling Fire: Paintings of Robyn W. Fairclough
Winter: Norman Gorbaty: To Honor My People
Spring: The Flowering of Punk Rock
Summer: Director's Choice: Five Local Artists

Fall: Joel Carreiro: Seeing Things
Winter: The Art of John "Crash" Matos
Spring: Platform - Jr/Sr Exhibition
Summer: Bramble & Bramble: Remnants, Glyphs, and Palimpsests

Fall: Art & Human Consciousness: The Art of Robert January
Winter: Marilyn Cohen: Layers of Time and Memories
Spring: Robert Vickrey: The Magic of Realism
Summer: Ernest Garthwaite, Wetlands: A Spiritual Refrain

Fall: A New Reality: Black and White Photography in Contemporary Art
Winter: Donald Vaccino: The Emperor's New Clothes
Summer: Thomas Weaver: Falling and Floating

Fall: The Creative Photograph in Archaeology
Winter: Multiple Visions: Traveling Art Boxes from Argentina, Mexico, Uruguay
Spring: Suzanne Chamlin: Painting the Landscape and Other Views
Summer: Emptiness: Sculpture by Michael River

Fall: National Sculpture Society Annual Awards Exhibtion
Winter: Faith Ringgold
Summer: Barbara Wilk: Mostly Landscapes and Birds

Fall: Indian Paintings of the New Millenium: Sunanda and Umesh Gaur Collection
Winter: Ethiopia: Religious Pageantry and Tribal Traditions (Barbara Paul)
Spring: Student Art Exhibtion
Summer: Night & Day: Women's Caucus of Art (CT) Juried Exhibition

Fall: Photographs of the Athenian Acropolis: The Restoration Project
Winter: A World of Stage: Russian Costume and Stage Design
Spring: 2004 Faculty Art Exhibition
Summer: Connecticut Women Artist Juried Exhibition

Fall: Across Time: The Photographs of Cynthia Brumback
Spring: 2003 Student Art Exhibition

Fall: Sal Sirugo: From the Intimate to the Infinite
Late Fall: What Now: Comtemporary Painting, Sculpture, Photography, and Multi-Media Installation
Winter: Shall We Dance: A Century of African-Americans in Dance
Spring: Claudia Schechter: People from Foreign Lands
Summer: The Esstential Moment: A Survey of the Paintings, Works on Paper and Sculpture of Joseph Peller

Fall: Michael DillonL Perfectus-Imperfectus (1980-2000)
Winter: The Mystical Arts of Tibet: Mandala, Photography and Dance
Spring: Studio Selects: A Juried Exhibtion
Summer: Contemporary Realism (Bettie and Samuel Roberts)

Fall: Wang Ming: Universal Dimensions
Spring: Realism: The Spirit of Soviet Art 1932-1980