Opportunities for Volunteers and Supporters


The BMA is always expanding its opportunities for volunteers. Please contact the interim director, Carey Mack Weber (e-mail cweber@fairfield.edu or call (203) 254-4000, ext. 4046), for information on ways you can partner with the BMA in furtherance of its Mission.

Ways to Give

The Bellarmine Museum of Art is truly a collaborative venture, that relies on alumni, parents and friends to help us achieve its full potential.

The Past
First came the "vision" from faculty in the College of Arts and Sciences, above all Dr. Katherine Schwab, Curator of the Metropolitan Museum of Art Historic Plaster Cast Collection, Dr. Marice Rose, Curator of Medieval and Celtic Art, and Dr. Philip Eliasoph, who served as Curator of the Kress Collection from the time these paintings were gifted to Fairfield until 2009. Next came critical buy-in from Fairfield's senior administrators who, understanding the project's fit within the university's broader mission and strategic plan, committed to raising funds to make the museum a reality. Then there were the donors, including Mr. Meditz, the Samuel H. Kress Foundation and the Charles and Mabel P. Jost Foundation. Finally, there was the staff that was hired to see the project through to fruition, including the founding director, Dr. Jill Deupi, and the Collections Manager, Carey Mack Weber, together with a host of student interns, volunteers and workers.

The Present
The University is currently seeking additional funding for the museum to help match the NEH challenge grant as well as gifts for capital support, community programming, exhibition sponsorship and endowment. Individuals, as well as corporate and foundation representatives, who are interested in exploring ways to help, may contact Geri Derbyshire, associate vice president, at gderbyshire@fairfield.edu.

The Future
The future of the Bellarmine Museum of Art at Fairfield University is bright, presenting myriad opportunities for learners of all ages to develop an enhanced appreciation of art, art-making and cultural history, along with an understanding of art's capacity to serve as a vehicle for creativity and personal expression. Please join in ensuring that the Bellarmine Museum will be an invaluable resource, capable of transforming lives for years to come.