2014-15 Season Schedule

qc_theme_water_artworkMonica Scarlato

The Quick Center is pleased to commission the work of Norwalk based artist Monica Scarlato in this unique collaboration inspired by Fairfield University’s 2014-2016 theme of Water. Monica’s work, Deep into My Ocean, so boldly represents the exuberance, color, and fluidity of the 2014-2015 season of performers. We can sink ourselves into the sublime hues of her work much in the same way we can treat ourselves to the colorful richness of every single performer.

Born in Bogota, Colombia, it has always been a dream of Monica’s to express her visions through the arts. While attaining her graphic design training, Monica began to sketch these visions but they didn’t materialize until the birth of her daughter in 2006. Since then, Monica has delivered abstract art consisting of the bright colors and geometric shapes that have become her signature style. She is passionate about her art and has demonstrated her unique style at various major festivals and art shows.