How do I Find a Movie?

 Watch this two-minute video that shows you how to find movies through the library's catalog. Or, scroll down to read instructions.

Learn More! Locating Media

  1. Begin your search on the library's homepage in the "Books/Movies/Music" tab. Search movies by title, director, or actors. If you're looking for movies about a particular subject, just type one or more keywords related to your topic. Click "Go" when you're ready to see results.

  2. The next page will show you a list of results. If you want a DVD, click on "DVD" on the left. Or, narrow results to any video format (DVD, VHS, etc) by clicking on "Video Collection."

  3. Click on "Show Availability" to see if a movie is in the library. For more information about a movie, click on the title to open the record where you will see a description, director, producer, actors, and other information.

  4. To find the movie, write down the Understand Call Number that you see after clicking on "Show Availability," then go to the media collection located downstairs through the double doors.

  5. To check out the movie, bring it and your Stagcard to the Circulation Desk on the main floor. To find out how long you can have it, see the chart on the Media Borrowing Privileges page.

Still need help? Check out this Locating Media Guide, or ask a librarian.