Student Ride Along Program

  1. Hours of operation: Students may participate in the ride along program at any time as long as it does not conflict with normal DPS operations. There will be a limit of one student riding in a DPS vehicle at any given time. (One student rider per DPS vehicle.)
  2. Dress attire: Students are asked to dress in neat casual attire. Footwear is required (no sandals are allowed).
  3. Confidentiality: Students participating in the ride along program may be witness to confidential or sensitive information. It is imperative that information not be shared.
  4. Waiver form: Anyone participating in the Student Ride Along program must sign a waiver form in order to ride in a DPS vehicle.
  5. Level of involvement: Students will not become directly involved in any incident. Students are strictly observers. In certain situations a DPS officer may elect not to have a student respond due to the nature of the incident.
  6. Requested ride time: A Binder will be kept at the DPS Dispatch area. The sign up sheet section will be filled out when a student calls or comes to the DPS Office to schedule ride time.
  7. Sign-up sheet: To sign-up for this program, please complete the information below and submit to the Director of Public Safety, Todd Pelazza.


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