Fairfield University assistant academic vice president opens first full-service bookstore in Bridgeport in a decade

Rainy Faye, a new full-service bookstore in downtown Bridgeport, will celebrate its official opening on Thursday, May 1, said Georgia F. Day, Ph.D., owner of the bookstore and an assistant academic vice president at Fairfield University. The Bridgeport Regional Business Council will participate in the ribbon-cutting ceremony.

"This is a wonderful opportunity for me to serve the community," Dr. Day said. "I'm particularly excited about being a part of the re-vitalization of downtown Bridgeport."

At Fairfield University, Dr. Day oversees the University's three programs, which are sponsored by the United States Department of Education, for low-income and/or first generation college students. The programs are available to eligible students in the target areas of service. Project Excel works with Fairfield University students, while Upward Bound and Talent Search work with students in the City of Bridgeport.

Rainy Faye, also the name of Dr. Day's on-air radio personality on WDJZ and WICC, is the first full-service bookstore to locate in Bridgeport in a decade. Other than specialty bookstores, Barnes & Noble was the last bookseller to serve Bridgeport, before leaving in 1993.

"We're always pleased anytime something like this happens because it sends out a signal to the whole community that Bridgeport is an excellent place to do business," said Tim Bartlett, Vice President of Membership Services at the BRBC, a non-profit organization dedicated to expand and retain Bridgeport area businesses.

The BRBC will officially welcome Dr. Day and hold a ribbon-cutting at Rainy Faye, located at 940 Broad Street, at 1 p.m. on May 1. The store has been open for about two weeks.

The bookstore will carry current bestsellers, books on spirituality and self-help, and rare books. It will also incorporate an art gallery. The store will also feature appearances by authors, live comedy, poetry, storytelling and jazz.

For more information, call Rainy Faye at 336-6911.

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Posted on April 24, 2003

Vol. 35, No. 276