Fairfield University hosts week-long training academy for Campus Public Safety Officers, July 21-27, 2012

Image: Public SafetyThe Fairfield University Department of Public Safety (DPS) is presenting its fourth annual Campus Public Safety Officer Training Academy from Saturday, July 21, 2012, through Friday, July 27, 2012, on the campus of Fairfield University. This seven-day classroom and practical instruction course is led by trained professionals certified in their areas of instruction and is designed to provide officers the skills necessary to meet the many challenges of keeping today's colleges and universities safe. Enrollment is limited to campus law enforcement officers.

Course topics include, but are not limited to: Aspects of Law, Narcotic and Intoxication Awareness, Officer Safety, Report Writing, Social Networking Investigations, and Critical Incident Management. Instructors include members of the Fairfield and Trumbull Police Departments, Fairfield Fire Departments, CT State Police, State of CT Corrections Department, and Fairfield University Department of Public Safety. "The curriculum was carefully selected to reflect the ever-changing needs and demands placed upon security and public safety departments in today's environment," said Fairfield University Associate Director of Public Safety Frank Ficko.

Public Safety Officers from colleges throughout the country have participated in Fairfield University's Campus Public Safety training program in prior years, and early registration for this summer's training includes participants from Ohio and Delaware.

The full curriculum and instructors are as follows:

  • Law for Public Safety - Allison Bloom, Attorney at Law
  • Hazmat and Fire Safety - Asst. Chief Chris Tracy, Fairfield Fire Department
  • Narcotic Identification and Recognition - Ofc. Scott Duva, Trumbull Police Department
  • Gang Activity - John Aldi, State of CT Corrections Department
  • Gun Safety and Weapons Handling - Asst. Director John Ritchie/Sgt. Mike Santos Fairfield University DPS
  • Multicultural Awareness - Assoc. Director Meredith Marquez, Student Diversity Programs
  • Handling Sexual Assault Victims - Sgt. Rob Didato, SART Officer
  • Report Writing and Community Relations - Assoc. Director Frank Ficko, Fairfield University DPS
  • Interviewing Suspect and Victim - Ofc. Felipe Rodriguez, Fairfield University DPS
  • Scene Preservation - Ofc. Felipe Rodriguez, Fairfield University DPS
  • LOCKUP Defensive Tactics - Ofc. Pat Cleary, Ofc. Charles Goodwin, LOCKUP Instructors
  • Critical Incident Management  - Chief Gary McNamara, Fairfield Police Department
  • Bomb Detection and Awareness - Trooper Arthur Derderian, CT State Police
  • Handcuffing (certificate) - Sgt. Rob Didato, Ofc. Richard Santiago, Ofc. Adam Kostuk, Fairfield University DPS
  • OC Spray (certificate) - Sgt. Rob Didato, Ofc. Richard Santiago, Ofc. Adam Kostuk, Fairfield University
  • Crime Prevention and Patrol Techniques - John Ritchie, Assistant Director, Fairfield University DPS
  • DUI and Intoxication Awareness - Lt. Jay Kehoe, Retired, Glastonbury Policie
  • Social Networking Investigations - Sgt. Richard McKeon, Digital Media Concepts
  • Stopping and Approaching Motor Vehicles - Sgt. Mike Santos, Fairfield University DPS

Campus Public Safety Officer Training Academy tuition: $725 for IACLEA and NECUSA members; $775 for non-association members. Students will be provided housing in air-conditioned apartments including linens, meals, instructional materials, and notebooks. Non-housing rates are also available. For further details, call (203) 254-4090, or contact: Sgt. Alex Krshisezki; or Associate Director Frank Ficko. Register online or to download a brochure.

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Posted on June 18, 2012

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