A Connecticut political analyst weighs in on the selection of Sen. Joseph Lieberman as Al Gore's running mate

Dr. John Orman, professor of politics at Fairfield University who specializes in the U.S. Presidency, made these points about Senator Lieberman getting the vice-presidential nod from Al Gore:

  • The naming of Senator Lieberman highlights how much Clinton fatigue has taken its toll on Gore.
  • Four months ago the name Joe Lieberman wasn't even mentioned - today it seems like the logical choice.
  • He is a good choice in terms of his ability - he is qualified to take over as president and he will be loyal and a good vice president.
  • Senator Lieberman is "Mr. Clean," a Democrat conservative and a cultural critic with a high sense of morality.
  • His religion should be a positive - anti-Semites would not have voted for Gore anyway and Lieberman's selection may bring back a little bit of the old Democratic coalition.

Dr. Orman has written about the behavior and style of U.S. Presidents. His books include: "Comparing Presidential Behavior," "Presidential Secrecy and Deception," and "Presidential Accountability: New and Recurring Problems." He is currently working on a book on celebrity politics in America.

A graduate of Indiana State University, he holds a master's degree from Ball State University and a doctorate from Indiana University in political science.

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Posted on August 12, 2000

Vol. 33, No. 19

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