College of Arts & Sciences offers first graduate degree program

The first master's degree program offered by the College of Arts and Sciences has been approved by the Academic Council. Pending approval by the Board of Trustees at its December meeting, the 33-credit program in American Studies will begin in the fall of 1997.

"The subject of America is of great importance to the world population which is extraordinarily interested in our culture and institutions," said Dr. Leo O'Connor, professor of American Studies and chair of the Steering Committee that developed the program. "No nation has spread itself so thoroughly and had more influence economically, politically and culturally than the United States."

The program is targeted at middle and secondary school teachers in the humanities, fine arts and social sciences who desire a graduate degree in a subject area other than education; an educated population seeking an intellectually and culturally stimulating educational experience with a degree component; retirees seeking a more structured educational experience than is presently available in the area; and teachers mandated by the State to take credits in order to maintain their teaching certificate and who might be directed toward a degree program which would provide financial rewards upon successful completion.

The 33-credit M.A. program will include three core courses, seven electives and a single capstone research course. The M.A. will be taught by 23 full-time faculty from eight disciplines, including American Studies, English, History, Judaic Studies, Philosophy, Politics, Sociology and Anthropology, and Visual and Performing Arts. Students also will be able to choose from 53 courses to satisfy their elective requirements, and will be required to do an independent research paper for three credits. Successful completion of the program will require a minimum Q.P.A. of 3.00.

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Posted on December 1, 1996

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