Fairfield University's Early Learning Center showcases tots' garbage art and teaches valuable lessons

Image: tots' artFairfield University's Early Leaning Center (ELC) presented the artistic endeavors of toddlers and pre-school children on August 12 at a "Recycling Art Show" held after naps at the ELC. The show, which taught valuable lessons for the young artists, was attended by parents, the ELC staff of partner organization Carousel Educational Services and Dr. Barbara Welles-Nyström, associate professor of curriculum and instruction and director of the early childhood studies program at GSEAP. Representing the Connecticut Resources Recovery Authority (CRRA) at the event was Paul Nonnenmacher, director of public affairs.

Several weeks prior to the August 12th event, the young students traveled to Stratford's Garbage Museum to learn that there are many uses for household items that usually end up as garbage. The students went home and brought in used egg cartons, fruit cups, paper plates and numerous other examples of "garbage" from home. They then, set to work together and separately to create works of art. The "Recycling Art Show" was the product of diligence, imagination and hard work.recycle art

Amanda Solomon, school and community outreach director of the ELC, described the art show as "an opportunity for the children to understand through the approval they receive for their artwork, the many positive uses everyday items can have. By rescuing what might be considered trash from the garbage and by creating something beautiful that never existed before, the children learned at a very early age that they could use their imagination to create art from garbage. And once that lesson is learned, the hope is that this experience will make the children think about garbage in a new way."

The ELC is designed to provide quality daycare services for the children of Fairfield University faculty and staff. It also serves as a resource for the study of early childhood development in the Graduate School of Education and Allied Professions and the School of Nursing. Welles-Nyström serves as the University liaison in an educational capacity to ELC. The program empowers the children with high self-esteem that will enable them to be productive within their families, their peer relationships and eventually, within their communities.

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Posted on September 8, 2010

Vol. 43, No. 36

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