Outgoing Staff Association president to get surprise visit from Barnum Festival Ringmaster at "leaving office" party

Linda White of Milford, Conn., who has been president of the Fairfield University Staff Association for an unprecedented 11 years (the usual term is two years) is stepping down on Wednesday, June 6, in style with a visit from Barnum Festival Ringmaster Larry Merriam.

A luncheon is scheduled at noon at the Charles F. Dolan School of Business Dining Room and Linda had already decided she would go out in style with balloons and a clown on hand to keep the festivities light. "I wanted to go out on a happy note," she says.

She stayed so long as president, she says, dedicating countless hours of her own time, because she enjoyed it so much. During her tenure the Staff Association has raised over $55,000 for scholarships for students who come to Fairfield and find they need some extra help. She also has put together trips for members of the Staff Association to places as far flung as Alaska, Hawaii, the southern Caribbean, Italy, Las Vegas and Canada - and as nearby as Williamsburg, Bucks County in Pennsylvania and Philadelphia. The Staff Association holds luncheon meetings nearly every month throughout the school year.

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Media Contact: Nancy Habetz, (203) 254-4000, ext. 2647, nhabetz@fairfield.edu

Posted on June 5, 2007

Vol. 39, No. 239

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