Open House displays the versatility of Fairfield University's new interactive computerized classroom

Canisius Hall, Room 304 - Thursday, April 22, 4-5 p.m.

As Fairfield University cuts the ribbon on its latest technological advance, faculty and students will be on hand to demonstrate its uses.

Dr. Kurt Schlichting, associate professor of sociology, will demonstrate Geographical Information System (GIS) which he uses to study the social and demographic makeup of local communities.

Dr. April Hill, assistant professor of biology, will demonstrate how she uses the classroom for teaching genetics and other science courses, coordinating PowerPoint slides with demonstration and figurative slides in her lectures. A student will demonstrate an interactive exercise that is done in class called, "The Virtual Fly."

Dr. Chris Huntley, assistant professor of information systems, for his web development course, permits students to "broadcast" from their desktop to any other desktop, allowing students to critique each other's sites as they develop. A demonstration of this will be presented.

Dr. Richard Regan, assistant professor of English, uses the multimedia capabilities of the room to teach Shakespeare, by showing a video of a play on the large monitors while the text of the play scrolls on the students' workstations.

Dr. Kraig Steffen, associate professor of chemistry, will demonstrate interactive molecular visualization using Rasmol. The three dimensional visualization allows chemists to answer questions about how and why molecules react.

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Posted on April 1, 1999

Vol. 31, No. 276

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