State Board of Education approves Management of Technology program at Fairfield

The Connecticut State Board of Higher Education has approved a master of science degree in the Management of Technology to be offered, beginning this fall, by the School of Engineering and the School of Business.

Dr. Evangelos Hadjimichael, dean of the School of Engineering at Fairfield, in announcing the Board's approval, said the new program "will guide experienced technologists who aspire to contribute to the positioning of their companies in fast-paced markets." Many companies, he noted, have been caught unprepared for the rapid development in technology and consequently, "It is incredible how many companies might improvise when it comes to technology."

Often, he noted, the people who understand the technology have been left out of the strategic planning for companies because they lacked the business background to make such decisions. Meanwhile, the decision-makers at technology-driven industries have too often lacked the expertise in technology to make good corporate decisions. "This program marries the two elements needed to position companies intelligently in the global marketplace."

The Fairfield program will offer "a judicious mix of business and technology, which is close in format to the management of technology degree offered at MIT," according to Dr. Hadjimichael. Graduates of the program "will provide technology-dependent business and industry enterprises in Connecticut with people capable of enhancing their strengths and competitiveness," Dr. Hadjimichael predicted.

Students will have 31 courses to select from, including 11 offered by the School of Business MBA program; 20 by the School of Engineering; and two from the College of Arts and Sciences. The minimum requirement for graduation is 12 three-credit courses in addition to knowledge and skills embodied in three bridge courses.

Likely candidates for this program include engineers and scientists who want to enhance business opportunities and product quality; design and manufacturing engineers charged with conforming to the ISO 9000 initiatives needed to conduct business in the Common Market; managers of technical and business activities; research and development practitioners; and technologists who need management skills to direct technology integration.

More information on the program is available by calling 254-4147.

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Media Contact: Nancy Habetz, (203) 254-4000, ext. 2647,

Posted on July 1, 1998

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