Residential College Commitment Form

Thank you for your interest in Fairfield's sophomore residential colleges. Before you submit your application, you should read the FAQ's page describing our residential colleges. While living in a residential college will provide many fantastic opportunities and experiences, in order to submit your residential college application you will need to check each box below indicating your commitment to participate in the major components of the residential colleges should you be accepted. Please note that application to any of the residential colleges is voluntary and optional and each college is seeking applicants who will fully participate in all aspects of the college. Sophomores looking for housing only should not apply. Applicants not accepted and students not wishing to participate in a residential college will automatically be placed in the Office of Residence Life housing process occurring in late spring.

Should I be accepted as a member of my Residential College, I commit that I will:

Fully participate in all aspects of my residential college.

Fully respect all residential college staff and fellow residents, mentors, faculty and visitors.

Fully respect all building items and property by keeping clean all public areas, accepting responsibility for any guests I may have or damages on account of my actions.

Attend community nights, dinners, committee and special events as often as I am able.

Take at least one Residential College course each semester. (This is not an extra course but one that fulfills your core requirements. Academic chairpersons will be available to facilitate this process.)

Participate in the Mentoring Communities Program. This means meeting monthly with your mentoring community; reflecting on and completing monthly activities, questions and readings.

Attend and participate in community retreats (one 24-hour overnight per semester).

Attend in at least one dinner series event per semester.

Actively build community with all residents while learning from and respecting differences.

Attend all Orientation/Re-Orientation events as scheduled.

Participate in service or direct-action projects and academic seminars as scheduled.