Sophomore Residential College Common Application

Instructions: Residential Colleges are an intentional living and learning program designed to engage sophomore students in significant reflection on questions of identity, community, and vocation. Each residential college is seeking applicants who will engage themselves and their community in these conversations and activities.

Students can apply individually or in pairs (no triples or quads during the application process). Students cannot apply as a group of 4. Students accepted into a suite style residential college will have the opportunity, after the application process, to select their remaining roommates.

Application deadline is Monday, March 10. Applications received after March 10 will be considered at reviewers discretion. Acceptance e-mails will be sent the week of March 14. Questions? Call ext. 3325 or ext. 2147.

Applicant Information

ex. john.smith
On and Off Campus Involvement

List the ways you have been or plan to be involved both on and off campus this semester. Include clubs, hobbies, service and social justice projects, performance groups, leadership roles, environmental projects, university sports, and other extracurricular activities. You can also submit (and enhance if needed) your resume from your e-Portfolio account.


Please print the name and contact information of one faculty, staff, administrator, Jesuit, or Area Coordinator (not RA or student) who could tell us more about you if needed. Recommenders should be aware that you are listing their names on this form and have some understanding of why you seek acceptance into a residential college.

Short Essays

Directions: In the spaces below, answer the questions using examples. As you formulate your responses to the next two essay questions, please focus on how any of the 3 residential college experiences will benefit you. Remember that you are applying for acceptance into a residential college, not a building. Toward the end of this application, there is space provided to tell us your reasons for desiring a particular residential college. *

Question 1
Goal: For reviewers to learn about your desire to participate, related life experiences, and contribution you would bring to any of our residential college communities.

In 300 words or less, tell us what personal life experiences have led you to this desire to participate in any of our residential colleges. Using specific examples from your life, discuss what you can contribute to benefit the community.

Question 2
Goal: For reviewers to better understand how a residential college experience fits into your overall Fairfield University experience and beyond.

In 300 words or less, tell us how participating in any of our sophomore residential colleges supports your overall current and future Fairfield University aspirations. Include at least one factor or aspect of the program that you learned about our residential colleges that encouraged you to apply.

Self Reference

Check the box the best applies to your expectations next year living in a residential college.

Next year I am looking forward to... Not at
A Little
Some A Lot Don't Know
Meeting/Making more friends *
Learning from other's beliefs & values *
Enjoying fantastic conversations with dinner guests *
Contributing my ideas for events/programs to enhance my community *
Trying new things *
Getting involved in my residential college's events and programs *
Taking advantage of events, trips, and tickets from my community *
Exploring my spiritual/faith beliefs *
Engaging in conversations with others holding diverse perspectives *
Reflecting on the colleges key questions *
Reflecting on my beliefs and values *
Having my intellectual ability challenged *
Integrating my academic experiences with life situations *
Participating in my monthly mentor conversations *
Engaging in my residential college courses and faculty *
Actively participating in the overall residential college experience *
Participating in retreats *
Applying Individually Or With A Friend?

Note: Both persons must submit separate and completed applications and must indicate they are applying with one another. Students applying together MUST submit the same rank order of residential college preferences.

Students accepted into the Creative Life College (4 person suites) will select their remaining roommates from the list of accepted Creative Life students.

Rank Order
Creative Life Residential College
42 Bellarmine Road - 4 person suites
Ignatian Residence College
Loyola Hall - 2 person residential hall
Service for Justice Residential College
70 McCormick Road - 2 person residential hall

All applicants please rank order (1 = most preferred) the list of residential colleges below. You can rank order all residential colleges or just the ones to which you seek acceptance.

Note: You may select each college only once.

Explain (1-2 paragraphs) your reasons for your selected rank order or desire for a particular residential college. Remember that you are applying for acceptance into a program, not a building.

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