Image of faculty member, Bryan Crandall

Mr. Bryan R. Crandall

Assistant Professor of the Practice of Curriculum & Instruction & Director of Connecticut Writing Project
o: Canisius Hall Rm 115
p: x3123
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Current Research Interests

Bryan's research focuses on teaching writing in k -12 schools, writing policies, adolescent literature, writing across the curriculum, urban education, New Literacies Studies, writing activity genre research, and critical pedagogies. Through his teaching experiences in a heterogenous k -12 urban school in Louisville, Kentucky and volunteer work with several refugee families who have relocated to the United States, Bryan's scholarship advocates for inclusion, high achievement, and the power of listening to youth.  

Courses Taught

  1. ED 369: Dev Reading-Secondary School
  2. ED 455: LiterateLearner:Crit/Strategic
  3. ED 459: Dev Reading-Secondary School
  4. ED 0501: Prac/Literacy Teachr Consultns
  5. ED 501: Prac/Literacy Teachr Consultns
  6. ED 561: Invitat Sum Inst Teach Writing
  7. ED 581: DirectedObserv&SuperStudentTch
  8. ED 0595: Ind Study: Teaching & Curr
  9. ED 595: Ind Study: Teaching & Curr
  10. EN 11: Texts and Contexts I
  11. EN 0011: Texts and Contexts I
  12. EN 11: Texts and Contexts I
  13. EN 12: Texts and Contexts II
  14. EN 411: Teaching Writing 3-12
  15. EN 0411: Teaching Writing 3-12 Classrm
  16. EN 411: Teaching Writing 3-12 Classrm
  17. ENW 347: Independent Writing Project