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Dr. Michael Serazio

Assistant Professor of Communication
o: Donnarumma Hall Rm 223
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Quizzes are free data mining tools for brands

Dr. Michael Serazio, assistant professor of communication and author of Your Ad Here: The Cool Sell of Guerilla Marketing, explained the plethora of quizzes found on facebook these days. "It's a way to announce something about ourselves to our friends within our social network, but it's not quite so gauche or obvious to come off as narcissistic," he said.

Published and broadcast on NPR's Marketplace on 3/18/14

Apple's new ad: Don't worry about jobs, follow your passion!

Dr. Michael Serazio, assistant professor of communication, considers Apple's new "Your Verse" ad juxtaposed against a still struggling economy. "Much like Apple's earliest ads, 'Your Verse' isn't selling a product so much as a lifestyle - a better way of living - but on a deeper level it reflects America's anxiety amidst a sluggish, jobless recovery," he wrote.

Published in The New Republic on 1/15/14

OK, Boston, congrats. But who won the World Series of fans?

Dr. Michael Serazio, assistant professor of communication, offered his thoughts on the power of fandom during the World Series.

Appeared on NPR Marketplace on 10/30/13

Why advertising has become guerrilla warfare

Dr. Michael Serzio examines how advertising has been slowly slinking into new spaces in the media in recent months.  It is not, however, supposed to look like advertising. And it threatens to compromise both the authenticity of social media and the integrity of journalism.

Published in Wall Street Journal on 7/2/13

Selling out for sponsored content?

Publishers of sponsored content are playing fast and loose with credibility, and Dr. Michael Serazio looks at what the ‘unique value proposition’ journalism has to offer.

Published in The Nation on 7/1/13