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Dr. Carol Joy Gordon

Professor of Philosophy
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Obama's Russia sanctions unlikely to make impact, experts say

Dr. Joy Gordon, professor of philosophy, said sanctions can have unintended consequences of creating a "'rally' round the flag' response, where the popular of the targeted country do not view sanctions as moral leadership, but as an intervention in violation of their sovereignty."

Published in The Washington Times on 3/25/14

Sanctions on Iran cause indiscriminate harm to the population as a whole

Dr. Joy Gordon, professor of philosophy said: "While certainly these measures have not been as damaging as those imposed by the Security Council on Iraq in the 1990s, these sanctions are in fact indiscriminate in their impact on Iran's civilian population.

Published in Trend on 4/10/12

Joy Gordon: U.S. responsible for human toll of Iraq sanctions

What he did not say was that the sanctions were more than burdensome. They triggered a humanitarian crisis that resulted in the deaths of hundreds of thousands of children, and the collapse of every system necessary to sustain human life in a modern society.

Published in The Cap Times (Madison, WI) on 12/22/10