Image of faculty member, Gayle Bogel

Dr. Gayle A. Bogel

Assistant Professor of Educational Technology
o: Canisius Hall Rm 102
p: x2324


Current Research Interests

Dr. Bogel is actively researching the integration of community partnerships in promoting digital equity for K-12 schools through teacher training and ongoing professional development. 

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Related research also includes the pedagogy of online teaching and learning, and the intersection of service learning and professional ethics in library and information science.

Courses Taught

  1. MD 99: Comprehensive Exam
  2. MD 401: SpecTopics: BYOD and Beyond
  3. MD 403: The School Library
  4. MD 403A: The School Library I
  5. MD 403: The School Library I
  6. MD 403B: The School Library II
  7. MD 405: School Library Automation
  8. MD 406: Introduction to Reference
  9. MD 409: TheLiterEnv:P-12 Lit & Reading
  10. MD 443: Intgr Instr Tech Elem Educ
  11. MD 463: Methods for Schl Library Media
  12. MD 470: Designing for Online Instruc
  13. MD 499: Research in Educational Tech I
  14. MD 500: Tech&Transform Culture
  15. MD 503: Res&Eval/K-12 Consul&Ldrshrp
  16. MD 546: Integrat Arts Elem Sch Curr
  17. MD 579: DirObsSem SchMediaSpec DSAP I