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Dr. Donald E. Gibson

Professor of Management
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Excuses that actually work

The work of Donald E. Gibson, Ph.D., dean of the Dolan School of Business, is included in this intriguing article that explores how to make legitimate excuses at work without sounding irresponsible. It is reprinted from The Wall Street Journal: "Managers and colleagues can discourage lame excuses by stressing problem-solving over dodging blame, according to a 2012 study led by Donald Gibson, a professor of management at Fairfield University in Connecticut. Gibson's research shows colleagues are often more forgiving when they believe mistakes were caused by external factors or were otherwise beyond a co-worker's control..."

Published in The Australian (New South Wales, Australia); The Wall Street Journal on 09/29/14

"What Fairfield University has to offer students;" "How anger can hurt the performance of an organization"

Dr. Donald Gibson, dean of the Charles F. Dolan School of Business, discusses Fairfield's approach to higher education and his research concerning the ways anger manifests within an organization.

Dr. Gibson interviewed by Jim Blasingame, host of The Small Business Advocate Show, a radio program broadcast nationally

Dolan School enlists test-prep company for CFA sessions

This story covers a new opportunity that the Dolan School of Business is offering with Fitch Learning: According to Dean Donald E. Gibson of the Dolan School, Fitch Learning's experience in training graduate groups and interns at investment banks and as asset managers gives Fitch insight into the qualifications graduates need.

Published in Connecticut Post, Stamford Advocate, Danbury News Times, Fairfield County Business Journal on 8/7/14

Havoc in the workplace: Coping with 'hurricane' employees

Research by Donald E. Gibson, Ph.D., dean of the Dolan School of Business, was discussed in this article about employees who take an office by storm: "Wharton management professor Sigal Barsade has spent two decades researching the area of emotions and work dynamics. In a paper titled, "Why Does Affect Matter in organisations?" Barsade and co-author Donald Gibson of Fairfield University's Dolan School of Business note that "affect matters because people are not isolated 'emotional islands.' Rather, they bring all of themselves to work, including their traits, moods and emotions, and their affective experiences and expressions influence others." ("Affect" is another word for "emotion" in organisational behaviour studies.)"

Published in Leader, a South African publication on 11/27/13

Claim to FAME

This article explores the launch of the new business incubator program: the Fairfield University Accelerator & Mentoring Enterprise. "The combination of the town, the university and the business community makes this a unique incubator," said Dolan Business School Dean Donald F. Gibson. "Certainly the idea is this can be a real engine of growth for Fairfield County and for the state," said Jeffrey von Arx, the Jesuit president of Fairfield University. He said one principle was to "take advantage of the talent we have right here. Then, of course, we'd love it if these businesses succeed and stay local and generate jobs." Associate Professor Christopher Huntley is a FAME adviser. He said eventually five businesses at a time will cycle through the incubator, using its physical and intellectual tools. "The key to this mission is to promote Fairfield County," he said. "That might mean developing an idea that finds production or it might mean developing an idea that is sold as an idea.

Published in Fairfield County Business Journal on 11/8/13