Image of faculty member, Nicole O'Brien

Ms. Nicole O'Brien

Assistant Professor of Marriage & Family Therapy
o: Southwell Hall Rm 103
p: x2338


Current Research Interests

Marriage and Family Therapy (MFT) Education and Supervision

LGB Issues in MFT Training and Practice

Therapist Self-Care

Courses Taught

  1. FT 99: Comp Exam-Marriage&FamilyThera
  2. FT 550: Intro/Marriage&Fam Therapy
  3. FT 553: Fam Therapy Pre-Practicum
  4. FT 559: Practicum in Fam Therapy I
  5. FT 560: Practicum in Fam Therapy II
  6. FT 580: Internship in Family Therapy I
  7. FT 581: Internship in Fam Therapy II