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Dr. Bidyut Das

Assistant Professor of the Practice
p: x2317


Current Research Interests

Research interests are in the fields of bio-photonics (optical diagnostics and ultrafast time-gated biomedical imaging), condensed matter physics (quantum nano-structures, solar cells, spintronics with vertex beam). 

Current work includes ultrafast optical spectroscopic studies of novel fluorescent probes/compounds for cancer diagnostics and treatment, development of new solar cell material, and study of electron spin dynamics using vertex beam.

Courses Taught

  1. PS 15: General Physics I
  2. PS 15L: General Physics I Lab
  3. PS 15: General Physics I Lab
  4. PS 16: General Physics II Lab
  5. PS 16L: General Physics II Lab
  6. PS 71: Physics of Light and Color
  7. PS 206: Modern Optics Lab