Image of faculty member, Martin Nguyen

Dr. Martin Nguyen

Assistant Professor of Religious Studies
o: Donnarumma Hall Rm 343
p: x2420


Current Research Interests

Scriptural Commentaries of the Qur'an (Tafsīr); Islamic Theology (Kalām and ʿAqīda); Islamic Mysticism and the Development of the Sufi Tradition; Hermeneutics & Translation Studies; History of Qur'an Translations; Islam in America

Present Projects: 

-The Qur'an Commentary of the Ash'arī theologian Ibn Fūrak (d. 406/1015)

-The Exegetes of Nishapur

-Translation of al-Qushayrī's Kitāb al-Mi'rāj ("Book of the Heavenly Ascension")

-Development of Muslim Theology

Courses Taught

  1. AS 404: Capstone Project
  2. HR 201: Non-Western Culture
  3. RS 010: Intro to Religious Studies
  4. RS 10: Intro to Religious Studies
  5. RS 101C: ER:CommonQuestionsTradResponse
  6. RS 101D: ER:Religion inComparativeKey
  7. RS 105: Introduction to Islam
  8. RS 270: Introduction of Islam
  9. RS 275: Islam in America
  10. RS 0275: Islam in America
  11. RS 275: Islam in America
  12. RS 0276: Islamic Theology
  13. RS 276: Islamic Theology
  14. RS 277: Sufism & Islamic Spirituality
  15. RS 377: Sufism & Islamic Spirituality