Image of faculty member, Shannon Kelley

Dr. Shannon E. Kelley

Assistant Professor of English
o: Donnarumma Hall Rm 139
p: x3453


Current Research Interests

My research looks at how some of the earth’s constitutive elements were associated with resurrection, power, and trauma throughout medieval and early modern Europe.  I have written about the scientific, cultural, and Christological significance of coral in Ariel’s second song from The Tempest, for JEMCS. I also finished a project on trauma, female subjectivity, and the Heliades (whose tears become amber) in Andrew Marvell’s “The Nymph Complaining for the Death of Her Fawn” (forthcoming, SEL).  My current work examines the Cinquecento sea grotto as an artistic coping strategy for cataclysmic Arno floods. 

My next project, on The Winter’s Tale, has at its basis the possibility of a lingering devotional charge in a sacred object, the paternoster, or set of amber prayer beads, that Autolycus offers to sell in act 4. 

Courses Taught

  1. EN 11: Texts and Contexts I
  2. EN 34: Ind Writing Project 201101
  3. EN 141: Imagining Shakespeare
  4. EN 143: TheGreenworld:EngLitr&the Envr
  5. EN 200: Spec Top:Intro Science Fiction
  6. EN 213: Shakespeare I
  7. EN 223: Comparative Ren Literature
  8. EN 314: Renaissance Eros
  9. EN 337: Intro to Literary Theory
  10. EN 351: Intro to Literary Theory