Image of faculty member, Ryan Munden

Mr. Ryan A. Munden

Assistant Professor of Electrical Engineering
o: Bannow Science Center Rm 105
p: x2764


Current Research Interests

My research focuses on the growth and characterization of semiconductor nanowires for novel electronics and photovoltaic applications. I have extensive experience in electronics characterization, high-throughput automated measurement system, cryogenics, e-beam and photolithography, MOCVD and chemical beam epitaxy reactor design and construction.

Courses Taught

  1. ECE 435: Microelectronics
  2. ECE 455: Sensor Design and Application
  3. ECE 550: Thesis I
  4. ECE 551: Thesis II
  5. EE 213: Intro to Electric Circuits
  6. EE 221: Frequency Domain Circuit Analy
  7. EE 335: Microelectronics
  8. EE 355: Sensor Design and Application
  9. EG 31: Fundamentals of Engineering I
  10. MC 300: Feedback Control Systems
  11. MC 400: Feedback & Control Systems
  12. ME 347: Fluid Mechanics
  13. PS 212: Circuit Analys & Analog Sys