Image of faculty member, Anne Campbell

Dr. Anne E Campbell

Associate Professor of TESOL & Bilingual/Multicultural Education
o: Canisius Hall Rm 102
p: x2873


Current Research Interests

Dr. Campbell's current research interests include the social context of education and factors that affect the implementation of academic programs for linguistically and culturally diverse student populations. Her recent studies have examined 4th grade English language learners' understanding of and strategies for solving mathematics problems, the impact of informal science programs for Latino/a students and families, and the effectiveness of teacher education coursework in the preparation of mainstream teachers to educate English language learners (K-12)

Courses Taught

  1. ED 441: Tch/Lrn MulticulContext
  2. ED 499: Intro to Educational Research
  3. ED 579: DirObserv/Sem Sec DSAP I
  4. ED 580: Dir Observ/Sem Sec DSAP II
  5. ED 581: DirectedObserv&SuperStudentTch
  6. ED 584: ReflectivePracticeSem:ElemEduc
  7. ED 593: World Language Seminar
  8. SE 419: SpecLearnerBilingual/ESL Clsrm
  9. SL 99: Comp Exam-TESOL/Bilingual Educ
  10. SL 419: SpecLearnerBilingual/ESL Clsrm
  11. SL 433: TESOL/Bilingual Adv Prac Elem
  12. SL 436: Methods&MatrlsSecond Lang Teac
  13. SL 441: Tch/Lrn MulticulContext Educ