Image of faculty member, Stephanie Storms

Dr. Stephanie Storms

Assistant Professor of Curriculum & Instruction
o: Canisius Hall Rm 220
p: x3334


Peer-reviewed Articles

Burrell Storms, S. (in press). Preparing teacher candidates for social justice advocacy in a graduate action research course: Am I walking my talk? Multicultural Education. 

Burrell Storms, S. (2012). Preparing students for social action in a social justice education course: What works? Equity & Excellence in Education, 45(4), 547-560. 

Naser, C., Donoghue, K., & Burrell, S. (2012). The eyes and ears of engagement: Using RAs to assess student engagement. Journal of Institutional Effectiveness and Assessment, 2(2), 196-210.

Book Chapters

Burrell, S. (2012). Building community at a Jesuit University through diversity learning circles. In S. Thompson, Views from the frontline: Voices of conscience on college campuses. Champaign, IL: Common Ground Publishing

Burrell, S., Miners, L., Nantz, K., & Torosyan, R. (2009).  Getting started with portfolios: A vision for implementing reflection to enhance student learning. In J. Zubizaretta, The Learning Portfolio, 2nd Ed., San Francisco, CA: Anker Publishing.

Other Articles and Book Reviews

Burrell, S. (2010). Review of Breaking bad habits of race and gender. Vitae Scholasticae, 27(2), 171-173

Abraham, S., Burrell, S., Whitlock, E., and Adams, M. (2003). Review of the year's publications for 2002: Social justice education. Equity & Excellence in Education, 36(4), 285-299.