Image of faculty member, Patricia Behre

Dr. Patricia E. Behre

Associate Professor of History
o: Canisius Hall Rm 315
p: x2212


Current Research Interests

The History of Atheism and skeptical thought; Jewish-Christian relations in Europe and the Atlantic World, particularly in French and Spanish Louisiana. Early Sephardic residents of Louisiana.

Courses Taught

  1. HI 10: Origins of Modern World
  2. HI 30: Europe & World in Transition
  3. HI 203: European Society Middle Ages
  4. HI 205: Anti-Semitism:Medieval to Mod
  5. HI 230: Early Modern France
  6. HI 313: Godless:Atheism&SkepThghtWest
  7. HI 314: Peasant Toil Peasant Revolt
  8. HI 399: Independent Study
  9. HR 100: Ideas That Shaped the West